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Edmark Industries | OEM/ODM Manufacturer

Our Commitment


We shall continue to invest in new technology, infrastructure and people to provide solutions and maintain our competitive edge in the industry.

After all these operations, you can freely place up to four different items from your inventory on the CS Go Lounge and up to six on the Dota2 Lounge on your team, waiting for a win or loss. As you can see in the image below, the odds marked in orange reflect a specific gain in the event your forecast wins
. As soon as your bet is ready, you should click on the button “Make a bet” or “Place Bet”.
Then you will be redirected to one of the bots of the site to confirm the trade. Perhaps there will be a queue, since in the evening quite a lot of lounge users make bets. Therefore, it is best to put at lunchtime. On the page you will need to make an exchange with the bot, after which your bid will be accepted. As soon as the operation is completed, you can be sure that the bet exists in the “My bets” tab. There you can change the choice of the team until the start of the game.


Equipped with state of the art technology and automation in our production process.


Our experience and expertise will ensure a safe and successful delivery of a final custom- made products.

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