A Vision for the Future

Edmark City is the genius visualization of our Chairman, Mr. Sam Low who continuously strives to make our world a better place to live in. A divine vision to create a place of universal love, a city of endless opportunities and a world beyond forms.

Edmark City JPG 50

This unique visualization of Mr. Sam Low has now manifested into a greater vision for the Edmark Group of Companies which is the creation of Edmark City, an upscale high-rise, residential-commercial condominium clusters. The project is a timely and appropriate response to the emerging need for a green and well-appointed yet truly affordable suburban living. The project entails land development, massive building construction and installation of well-planned features and amenities.

Edmark City is innovatively positioned to be the first business and leisure community founded on spiritual principles that focus on family, work, recreation and meditation. It will be home and a center to various businesses, education, research and development, entertainment, leisure, social and spiritual activities. Nurtured with the four pillars of gratitude, abundance, love, and compassion, Edmark City will provide an empowering environment that is conducive for anyone to reach his full potential and highest aspirations in life.

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